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Production of inductive, resistive and electronic components as well as complete solutions. Product Highlights from REO.

Product Highlights from REO

REOMED isolating transformers for medical technology – ed 3.2

REO AG has successfully completed certification for the new 3.2 edition of its REOMED isolating transformers. This certification will be mandatory from October 2024 and emphasises the quality and reliability of the REOMED series, which was specially developed for medical technology.

Reduced Losses in SiC and GaN Semiconductors

REO EDGE-Winding reduces skin and proximity losses, which is crucial for the use of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) based semiconductors. SiC and GaN semiconductors are innovative materials that offer greater energy efficiency, along with smaller dimensions and lower weight.


REO AG has launched the REOVIB MFS 368, the world’s most advanced control unit for vibratory feeders. In a compact design, it combines an extensive range of applications with a wide range of safety mechanisms and interfaces.

Sustainability at REO –
Our world our future

Sustainable Ideas from REO

REO is on a consistent path to greater sustainability. We have set the course for a sustainable future. We stand by our ambitious goals and the principle of sustainability as the basis of our business activities. In doing so, we see economic development, environmental protection and social responsibility as equally important goals.

As a global supplier of innovative resistive and inductive components, we accept the challenge of helping to shape social change in the areas of life, industry, infrastructure and mobility. For a better, cleaner world.


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Product groups

REO Schwingfördertechnik Frequenzumrichter REOVIB MFS 368

Vibration Conveyor Technology

REO Schaltnetzteil REOTRON SMB

Power Controllers / Power Supplies

REO Sinusfilter N CNW 903


REO EMV Filter CNW 114/690


REO Steuerfeldtransformator RUT 500 / NTT 500


REO Aktiver Stromwandler WKO-2C

Current Transformer

REO Spannungsversorgung REOLAB 420 / 520

Electrical Testing Technology

REO Widerstand REOHM Baureihe 156


REO Individuelle Lösung bei Produkten

Individual development


REO Service Schulungen


REO AG is your holistic partner in the area of inductive, resistive and electronic components and full solutions. A wide range of training services are also a key aspect of this partnership. These simplify commissioning of new devices and systems and guarantee hassle-free use during the whole product life cycle. Training sessions at your site or on the premises of REO AG form the basis for this. Our internal training managers instruct your employees in the technology and provide valuable tips on the correct and safe use of REO components. Our training sessions are available for both standard solutions and high-quality individualised components. Multimedia and easy to understand content supplement the training and also permit international deployment.

REO Service Gewährleistung


Winning quality – extra peace of mind, thanks to the expanded REO manufacturer’s guarantee.We believe in the quality of our own products and are confident of the durability of all components used, which is why we have extended the legal guarantee from one to two years.

REO Service Sicherheit


We offer you devices with the highest possible operational safety. Should any unwanted events occur with any of our products, your professional emergency responder will be available to help you over the telephone free of charge. If the situation or query cannot be resolved over the telephone, you have the opportunity to have the defective device sent back after consultation.

REO Service Reperatur


After telephone consultation, and after the defective product has been received, we can even offer you express repairs if possible. This minimises downtime in the event of a fault and guarantees a swift exchange.

REO Service Hotline


Our REO sales specialists look forward to giving you a helping hand. Contact your REO contact partner or call our hotlineto receive further information about our services and theREO portfolio.