Buck converter choke NTT UI114-50

REO TSS choke with iron core

REO Tiefensetzstelldrossel NTT AMCC 400

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Buck converter choke NTT UI114-50

REO TSS choke with iron core


As a passive inductive component in power supplies and in power electronics, the buck-converter choke is used for attenuating undesirable frequencies or for saving and storing energy.

The term buck-converter choke indicates the complete ready-for-use unit containing the choke, air cooling, mounting and connections. The chokes are available with different cores, which enables individual selection depending on the requirement of the application. In addition to iron-based cores, chokes with cores of amorphous alloy are becoming more common, in the form of toroidal cores, cut strip-wound cores or special custom solutions.

The use of amorphous materials offers an exceptional combination of high satur­ation flux density (1.56 T) and a high permeability. In addition to the high temperature class, further features of amorphous alloy include low hysteresis and eddy-current losses, suitability for the medium-frequency range (<20 kHz) and use for high powers up to 500 kVA.


  • Lower losses in comparison with grain-oriented sheet
  • Can be used in the kHz region
  • Equal or higher power ranges with smaller components
  • Significantly lower weight
  • High flux densities
  • Usable up to temperature class H (180°C)
  • Protection class IP 65

Technical specifications

  • Type of choke: Up/Buck converter choke with iron core
  • Voltage of the system: 500 – 1100 V
  • Max. permissible tolerances: ( -10 % / +10 % )
  • Linearity: min. 0.2 mH @ 230 Aeff
  • Harmonic currents constantly / Superimposed Harmonics: 60 Ass @ 19 kHz
  • Insulation class: H
  • Cooling: AF
  • Protaction rating: IP65/66
  • Rated voltage for insulation: 1200 Vdc
  • Test voltage: 3.5 kV (50 Hz, 60 s)

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