REOLAB 340, 350

Three-phase AC power supplies

REO Spannungsversorgung REOLAB 340 / 350

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REOLAB 340, 350

Three-phase AC power supplies


These three-phase voltage supplies with separate windings regulate the output voltage with an accuracy of approx. 1.5% from the final value. Switchable output voltage ranges ensure a low voltage drop. These transformers are rated in accordance with the existing harmonic of the test specimens so that the voltage drop of the harmonic affects the sinusoidal form of the output voltage as little as possible. Suitable for testing frequency converters and
motors in accordance with IEC 60 034.


Three-phase and single-phase power supplies with separate windings have a variable single-phase output voltage and 16 2/3 Hz mains frequency. The REO sine filter ensures a clean output voltage. The output voltage can be regulated to approx. 1 % using the electronic voltage control.
For testing railway applications


  • No EMC interference
  • Clean sinusoidal shape

Technical data*

* Of course, other voltages and performances can also be offered after consultation.
In addition, different operating options/operating concepts and industrial interfaces are possible.

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