Individual development

Technically suitable solutions, individually developed for your application.


Standard products, modified and customized products

At REO you will find standard products, modified products and products specially designed for your application. Except for the laws of physics, there are no limits to our creativity. The first step to a suitable REO product is an inquiry, for example via the product finder on the REO website or using the contact form. You don’t need any technical background knowledge for this – just write to us about the planned use.

Does one of the standard products fit?

We will find the best solution for you, taking into account the electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements of your components. As a customer, you benefit from our experience when purchasing standard products. Railway technology is a good example. Many standard products have already gone through and passed extensive tests here. Based on our experience, we will check for you which product can be used with which configuration. Which tests are necessary in detail and which are omitted depends on the product and project and can be discussed in detail with your REO expert. A transfer of standard products from one area of ​​application to another is also possible in principle and in some cases without changes. For example, you can benefit from the high protection classes or compact product dimensions in the field of railway technology, also in other areas.

Modified standard products

However, if a standard product from the REO product catalog does not fully meet your needs, this can often be modified. Therefore, the REO product experts will check with you whether there are already products in the REO product catalog that can be used as a modified standard product according to the new requirements. By changing and simulating at REO, it can be checked how the component can be adapted for the new conditions. This recourse to the empirical values ​​of REO and the interpolation of the new values ​​saves development time and project costs.

Individual development

REO is particularly at home in the development and production of special niche solutions. If no suitable standard products can be found after analyzing your product requirements, REO will develop the desired product. Our development focuses on the optimal solutions for your specific electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements. Using digital simulations, the components are subjected to virtual test series even before the first prototype is built. In terms of an optimal cost-benefit ratio, suitable technologies and components with the optimal use of materials can be determined. 


Individual development in the field of inductance

Individual product development at REO means reaching and maintaining parameters tailored to the needs of the customer, which would not be possible with standard products. A good example of this is the innovative EDGE winding technology.

REO Lösungen Individuelle Entwicklung im technischen Bereich

Individual development in the technical field

During the individual development, both the electrical parameters and the mechanical, structural conditions are taken into account. This means that the customer receives exactly the product that he needs for his application. With modern solutions from the field of IIoT, innovative interfaces and links are also defined.