Highly efficient power supplies and power controllers

Used in coating systems, industrial furnaces, silicon crystal melting and more

Interesting facts about power supplies and power controllers

REO AG is a manufacturer of power supplies and power controllers for a wide range of applications. Whether in heaters for coating systems, industrial furnaces, the melting of silicon crystals or electrochemical production processes – wherever highly efficient power supplies are required, companies worldwide rely on the products of REO AG.

Our power supplies and power controllers are characterised by their high quality, efficiency and reliability and are specially developed for demanding applications. With many years of experience and technical expertise, we offer customised solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Discover the wide range of options REO AG offers for your power supply projects.

Product groups

REO Schaltnetzteil REOTRON SMB

Power Controller / Power supplies

REO Aktiver Stromwandler WKO-2C

Current transformers

REO Widerstand REOHM Baureihe 156


REO Individuelle Lösungen

Individual solutions