Vibratory conveyor technology

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Vibratory conveyor technology

Interesting facts about vibratory conveyor technology

Vibration conveyor technology is used as a specialty of industrial conveyor technology for feeding various materials to be conveyed in assembly, packaging and filling machines. The areas of application are extremely diverse, for example in industrial assembly automation, in pharmaceutical packaging systems, in industrial conveyor technology and in food processing and packaging.

Every vibratory feeder needs a control device for controlled operation. Under the name REOVIB, REO offers you different series of control devices for all requirements on the conveying properties of a vibratory conveyor and the flow of the conveyed parts. Starting with simple controls that use triac or thyristors in thePhase control provide a variable voltage for the magnet, up to Frequency converters, that generate any drive frequency and amplitude for the vibratory feeder, a large number of control units are included in these series.

The designs of the devices start with printed circuit board designs for integration in their own housings or switch boxes, via control cabinet devices for mounting rails or mounting plates, to self-sufficient housing designs in protection classes from IP54 to IP65. Via control inputs and outputs, individual devices can be linked to form systems that operate complete feed stations. Connections with higher-level control systems can be made via analog signals or via fieldbus connections such as Profibus, CAN bus, EtherCAT or EtherNet / IP and ProfiNet can be implemented. Many versions are also optionally available with UL-/CSA-Zertifizierung available.


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REO Schwingfördertechnik Frequenzumrichter REOVIB MFS 368

REOVIB MFS Frequency converter

The REOVIB MFS series for vibratory conveyor drives creates a drive voltage and frequency for the vibratory conveyor that is independent of the frequency and level of the mains voltage connected.

Any desired drive frequencies for the vibratory conveyor that are within the device frequency ranges may be set.
The devices function using digital technology and are operated via an LED or an LCD display and buttons.

REO Schwingfoerdertechnik Phasenanschnittsteuerungen REOVIB SMART

REOVIB Smart Phase angle controllers

The REOVIB SMART series contains phase angle control devices for use in vibratory conveyor applications.

The devices provide the most important functions for use in vibratory conveyor engineering and they therefore represent a cost-efficient option for controlling vibratory conveyors, and all of this comes in a high-quality design.

REO Schwingfoerdertechnik Phasenanschnittsteuerung REOVIB RTS R9/539

REOVIB RTS Phase angle controllers

The devices provide an increased level of adjustability for a variety of functions such as the soft-start setting, as well as additional control functions such as the implementation of a level scanning system/overflow controller.

The devices are available in a variety of protection classes from IP00 to IP54 – you therefore have the opportunity of selecting the control device from the REOVIB RTS series that has been optimally designed for the corresponding application.


REOVIB MTS Programmable phase angle controllers

The REOVIB MTS series includes one, two and three-channel control devices for vibratory conveyor drives.
These are phase angle controllers with a TRIAC as the power element.
The vibration frequency of the conveyor devices can therefore be either the same as or twice as large as the mains frequency of the input voltage.

REO Schwingfoerdertechnik Schwingmagnet REOVIB WI 721


AC Magnets are intended for installation in vibrating conveyor systems that are used in material supply and conveying engineering technology.
The complete AC magnet consists of the core that carries the coil and the accompanying armature.
Alongside our standard product range from 5 VA to 4000 VA, we also offer customer-specific specialised solutions.

REO Schwingfoerdertechnik Beschleunigungssenssoren SW


REOVIB acceleration sensors contain a piezoelectric accelerator element with a downstream amplifier. The accelerations are recorded by the piezo element and are translated into a voltage proportional to the acceleration.

The sensors could for example be used for the regulation and monitoring of conveyor drives, for the recording of mechanical vibrations or for the monitoring of acceleration or braking effects.

REO Schwingfoerdertechnik REOVIB Messbox 122

Measuring equipment

Choose from a wide range of measuring devices and monitoring devices, e.g. for vibrating troughs, pointer instruments with moving iron measuring units, as well as acceleration and vibration amplitude sensors,
Workshop device for development / construction assistance in the construction of vibratory conveyors, workshop and diagnostic device for development, construction and quality control of vibratory conveyors, as well as mobile service measuring device for the control of vibratory conveyors.

REO Individuelle Lösung bei Produkten

Individual solutions

Are you looking for an individual solution? No problem! Our REO experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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