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REO techniques and innovations

In order to reach a high level of quality and to develop new products, extensive quality testing, quality assurance and highly sophisticated analysis techniques are always at the forefront of product development and improvement. An extensive repertoire of techniques, tests, inspections and security measures guarantee the highest quality level. A separate service team oversees the technologies and components to constantly optimise processes and products. Standards and certificates from renowned institutions demonstrate the technical quality efforts of REO.

Some examples of norms that REO complies: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN 60310/VDE Part 420/IEC 60310 and EN 15085-1 to -5.

Furthermore, many of the REO developments are patented ensuring that our intellectual property and product innovations are protected by law.

REO – technology, security and reliability

Analysis and test methods

REO products only leave our premises with absolute assurance of quality and performance. In this way, we ensure a consistent quality…

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REO continues to advance the use of EDGE-WINDING technology with the introduction of the latest generation of N CNW choke and filter series…

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Deal cooling even when under full load for prolonged periods – our liquid-cooled systems enable you to focus on…

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REO IIOT-Ready Industrie 4.0


Industry 4.0 is the strategy for comprehensive digitalisation of industrial production…

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REO Technologie Messungen Filter


Quality assurance is top priority at REO. That is why we keep test fields at all our locations worldwide…

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MPS-Protective cover

To provide the necessary outdoor protection our components are finished with…

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At the start of the REOVIB 2.0 project, our development goal was as singular as it was ambitious: We will launch the world’s most…

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REO BWD 330 Schutzklassen


REO is able to provide a wide range of products with Ingress Protection to IP65…

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In order to save material and to shorten development times, so ultimately minimize costs, we use the latest computer and…

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REO Vergusstechnik


When electrical components are used in environments where powerful external influences may occur reliable…

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