Resistor REOhm series NTT R 159

Max. continous power: 1600 W

REO Widerstand REOHM Baureihe NTT R 159

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Resistor REOhm series NTT R 159

Max. continous power: 1600 W


The REOhm NTT R 150 resistors are used for example in railway engineering, electric vehicles or commercial vehicles as charging or damping resistors (even as braking resistors up to 100 kw power). They are used to damp over-voltages or to dissipate excess energy that originates, for example, on braking or starting up. This is done by converting the electrical energy into heat in the resistor.

Moreover, the resistor is very well protected against mechanical loads. This ensures a long-term functional reliability. Only railways-approved, high-quality raw materials are used for the REOhm NTT R 150 series. The connecting leads and all the other components are specially designed for the railway application. Only materials with railway approval are used.


  • Testing according to BN 411 002 (DIN EN 50155 point 10.2)
  • Climatic testing
  • Testing Db: moist heat, cyclical (12 + 12 hours cycle) Variant 1 according to DIN EN 60068-2-30
  • (DIN EN 50155 Point 10.2.5)

Mechanical testing

  • Tests for vibrations and shocks according to DIN EN 61373, Category 1 Class B
  • Testing with undefined assembly position under the most stringent conditions in every axis.
  • Simulated service life test through increased broadband noise (Point 9 DIN EN 61373)
  • Shock test (point 10 DIN EN 61373)
  • Corrosion test
  • Testing Ka: salt spray according to DIN EN 60068-2-11 (DIN EN 50155 point 10.2.10)

Moreover the type test also includes:

  • heating-up measurement
  • high-voltage test
  • insulation measurement (DIN EN 50155 point 10.2.9)
  • measurement of the resistance value
  • visual inspection (DIN EN 50155 point 10.2.1)


  • air- and water-cooled resistors
  • high functional reliability and service life
  • classes of protection from IP00 to IP65
  • wires are spatially separated thanks to a special winding technology, i.e. higher dielectric strength
  • higher mechanical protection
  • resistors can absorb higher pulse loads and store them temporarily
  • resistors are not sensitive to moisture and fouling
  • low susceptibility to vibrations and oscillations
  • low-noise
  • many years of experience in the railway field with profile filters

Technical specifications

  • Continuous power : 1600 W
  • max. operating voltage : 4000 V

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