Ohmic load unit REOLOAD 101

REO Resistive load

REO Ohmsche Lasteneinheit REOLOAD 101 / 102

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Ohmic load unit REOLOAD 101

REO Resistive load


  • 7 fixed resistor stages and a fine trimming stage
  • control by Ø 22 mm push-but­tons and switches integral forced cooling and digital interface for external PLC con­trol with 24 V DC relay
  • Individual resistor stages can be switched in and out via contac­tors.


  • Equipment can be controlled locally or via a PLC.
  • fine adjustment locally using motorised circular adjustment potentiometer or remotely via PLC
  • additional 24 VDC supply pro­vided for PLC control
  • transportable version and op­tion of connection via plug con­nectors or test lead sockets possible

Typical applications

These load units are designed for continuous operation and are used for endurance testing of converters and switch mode power supplies for railway applications.

Technical data*

*This equipment can of course be designed with other technical parameters to suit a customer‘s wishes.

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