Series IE

Bushing-type current transformers (PIN version)

REO Passiver Stromwandler Baureihe IE (PIN)

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Passive Current transformer Series IE

Bushing-type current transformers (PIN version)


In the case of bushing-type current trans­formers, the customer’s primary wire is pushed through the current transformer opening in the housing. The push-through opening depends on the size of the primary current.

Wound primary type current transformers have a primary winding and a secondary winding. Both windings are applied on the closed toroidal core and are isolated from each other by insulation. This principle applies mainly where primary currents are small. Low-voltage current transformers for the proportional transformation of large currents to directly measurable smaller current values.


  • PIN-Connection according to UL 94 V0
  • Bushing-type current transformers for direct conductor feedthrough
  • Wound primary type current transformer, version for small currents
  • In-phase current representation
  • Accuracy classes 3; 1; 0.5;
  • Toroidal cores made of high-quality silicon-iron
  • Measurement in the low frequency range 16 2/3 to -400Hz
  • In-house core production: Special designs are possible
  • High core output power and high-quality insulation (UL)
  • Electrically isolated primary and secondary circuits
  • Designs for easy installation
  • Variable connections, e.g. clamps, plugs, flat-cable plugs, flexible stranded wire or print mounting
  • Wide range of housings with various push-through openings
  • Very long useful lifetime

Technical Data

  • According to: EN/IEC 61869-1/2
  • Primary rated current: 1 – 50 A
  • Frequency range: 50 – 400 Hz

Dimensions in mm

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