Passive Current transformer Series IN-B

Bushing-type and bar-type current transformers

REO Passiver Stromwandler Baureihe IN-B

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Passive Current transformer Series IN-B

Bushing-type and bar-type current transformers


For the high demands of railway and industrial engineering at higher frequencies up to 50kHz. High-quality nanocrystalline core materials guarantee the greatest degree of transmission quality and low losses.

Exclusive use of UL-listed materials, fully sealed with UL94-V0 material. Current transformers for demanding applications, such as in the railway sector and general transportation sectors. Robust housing construction with reliable securing options for vertical or horizontal mounting.


  • High reliability
  • Category 1 Class B
  • Current transformers for precise current measurements
  • Measurements in the frequency range 16 2/3 to -50kHz
  • Use of nanocrystalline and
  • high-quality cores
  • High-quality wires in temp-
    erature class F (155°C), H (180°C)
  • High-quality UL listed insulating materials (e.g. UL94-V0)
  • Safe electrically isolated primary and secondary circuits
  • Non-critical in the event of overload currents
  • Robust housing designs (for horizontal/vertical mounting)
  • Shock and vibration tests in accordance with DIN EN 61373
    Variable connections: clamps, plugs, flat-cable plugs or cables
    Wide range of housings with various push-through openings

Typical applications

Industry and Railway engineering

Technical specifications

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