Resistor REOHM BW 156

max continuous power: 1500 W

REO Widerstand REOHM Baureihe 156

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Resistor REOHM BW 156

max continuous power: 1500 W


Braking resistor for drives with frequency converters of low to medium power. Mounting inside and outside the control cabinet is possible.


  • quick connection
  • short-circuit protected
  • small dimensions with high performance
  • very good heat dissipation
  • high resistance at overload
  • optionally with contact protection and temperature switch optionally also for aggressive environments (e.g. salt mist)
  • installation also possible outside the control cabinet compact
  • also with UL certification see overview “UL-certified products from REO”

Technical data

In the event of destruction, the resistor becomes high-impedance. Each series is available with a temperature switch. The specified performance values were measured at a horizontal position of the resistors in the air with a distance of min. 100mm to the substrate. The power values refer to the standard products with a normal tolerance of +/- 10% at an ambient temperature of 20°C.

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Braking resistor for drives...REO Widerstand REOHM Baureihe 156 (UL)

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